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we value diversity and inclusion
So naturally, that's how we've built our team.
Diversity in cultural backgrounds, talents, ages and experiences.
All brought together into cross functional teams.
Bringing the right constellation of people from our extensive network together into project teams means that you get the most skilled people and freshest ideas possible, at all times.
Here are some of the people you'll meet first when you work with us.
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Charlotte Sifvert

Founding Mother

Executive producer and project manager. Author and ideas developer. Several awards and nominations including the Japan Prize and Kristallen.

Tiffany Orvet

Producer / Project Lead

Award-winning producer and concept developer with international network-level experience. With a focus on digital tools, storytelling and animation.

Sorraya Touré

Producer / Director

Concept developer, producer and director with an unfailing current and inspiring sense of music and visual expression.

Bright Film

Full Production

Camera, lighting, audio, editing... you name it. Our full service production team (and neighbours too). 

Andreas Wiklund

Audio Producer and Engineer

Award-winning radio and podcast producer with long experience from SR and UR, among others. Journalist with an affinity for sound, in-depth conversations and reports. 

Joakim Högkvist

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Finance, who keeps us on track and makes sure everyone gets paid on time.

Jenny Reichwald

Founding Mother

Executive producer and project manager. Educator and host. Enthusiastic podcast producer. Ensures that our projects are developed with a focus on pedagogy and learning.

Sefora Tekle
 Sefora TPS.jpeg

Creative Project Lead

Project manager and creator. Concept developer and educated cultural scientist. Has experience of working with children and young people and is a pro on trend research and digital communication.

Sofia Bruno

Legal and Contracts

Sofia is a lawyer at Gro law firm. Specialised in privacy protection (GDPR /ePrivacy), IT-related law and commercial agreements.

Hawsoon Jobe
Hawsoon TPS.jpeg

Junior Creative Strategist

Our creative genius who works strategically with our social channels. Has an eye for the visual and has experience of storytelling and sales. Also founder of the perfume company Port Au Mansa.

we've worked with some of the best
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