You have information that needs to be heard. We make information personal and engaging for those you're trying to reach.
The Children's Internet Project:
Online therapy for young people with OCD

Part of a trailblazing online therapy program (BIP) by the Karolinska Institute and the Swedish healthcare branch responsible for improving mental health in children and adolescents.

This film is for international practitioners to explain how BIP works to support young people with OCD.

Shopper Marketing:
A case in branded content

Shopper marketing is an emerging area of interest. We crafted an explainer for social media describing what it is, while suggesting how our client, Spinn, works with it to support a strong customer experience.

How dangerous is Covid-19? 
Data made clear through animation

In March 2020, everybody wanted to know how dangerous Covid-19 would be. Information was fragmented and often misleading. So for this public information film, we turned the data into a simple animation to separate fact from fiction

What kind of world do you want to live in?
Fusing stats with animation to inspire change

By Earth Day 2020, much of the world had experienced life in lockdown. It was an unprecedented global social experiment.

This public information film offers inspiration for change based on data collected during this time.

social media
How will you reach the right people, with the right message to make them take action at the right time? We can help. From concept development through to results analysis.
87 versions produced on quick turn-around, with 2.7 million views

The need was clear and urgent. Stockholm's mass transit network SL, needed to reach 15 to19-year-olds to persuade them to practice social distancing on public transport. 

In one week, we created a social media campaign that was distributed through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Clear Channel, Youtube, and SL's own platforms. We produced 87 versions including one in Arabic. We reached 300 thousand people with 2.7 million views on FB and Instagram.

Kulturkompis: An invitation to join

This campaign for Bilda adult education was created to attract new members to their program, Kulturkompis. Kulturkompis brings together new and long-time residents of Sweden to build friendships and share cultural experiences such as movies, concerts and plays, for free.

We used a light-hearted inclusive tone, and got the message across without relying on language.

Who do you want to be in your online meetings? New circumstances prompt new services

The change from in-person meetings to digital meetings was a challenge for many in the beginning. With this animation, we showed how a simple animation, with a little humour, can support us in our development.

Long form or short form, we are storytellers at our core, accustomed to making even the most challenging subjects engaging and entertaining.
The Dictator:
A social experiment in democracy

Eight young Swedes took part in the challenge to live together under a dictatorship for eight days. But how would they be affected as their rights and freedoms were stripped away with each passing day?

This structured reality series for 16-20 year-olds, was broadcast on SVT and UR in the lead-up to Swedish elections. It became one of UR's top-rating series ever, raised much debate in the media, and won the prestigious Japan Prize for educational television.

My Lifetime:
In isolation, reading can become survival

This documentary series was part of an initiative to raise interest in reading as an essential part of democracy and education in society. 

Aired on UR and SVT, it goes behind the high walls of five Swedish prisons to meet current and former inmates, and reveal how reading has impacted their lives.

I am a pedophile:
Tackling taboo subjects through scripted drama

This short film delves into the uncomfortable realm of pedophilic disorder. In collaboration with Christoffer Rahm, chief psychiatrist and researcher with Karolinska Institute, our goal with this film is to raise difficult questions in order to get important discussions started.

I am a pedophile is a scripted drama that is currently on the film festival circuit.

The Cleaning Help:
A lifestyle series that entertains and inspires

The Cleaning Help (Städhjälperna) is a lifestyle series in development featuring cleaning pros Martina Palme and Isabelle Meurling.


The duo sets about tidying, fixing, organising and disinfecting, but it soon becomes clear that their job is as much about sorting out people's dreams and relationships as it is about sorting out their messy storage room.

Mäklarna i Marbella: A docusoap about working hard and solving problems behind the glamour

Mäklarna i Marbella (or Hot Property: Marbella) is a docusoap series in development with Marbella-based client, Norma Franck Homes.

Every day brings fantastic new properties and new problems to solve for the determined young property brokers working hard to make a good living and follow their dreams in the Spanish resort town of Marbella.

We produce high quality radio and podcasts. We dig deeper to tell stories you wouldn't otherwise hear, and work with some of Sweden's foremost radio journalists and engineers.
Women's Life: with Karin Björkegren Jones

Women's Life (Kvinnoliv) is hosted by author, journalist and yoga instructor Karin Björkegren Jones. In this podcast, Karin speaks with guests to share knowledge about women's health.

Without My Pills: Let's talk antidepressants

Without My Pills (Utan mina piller) is a collaboration with Mona Abbasnejad to raise knowledge and understanding around the spread of antidepressant medicines, and the problems that come with that.

Wild Raised: Taking nourishment from nature

Host Lisen Sundgren is a herbalist, forager, forest therapy guide and author. In the podcast, Wild Raised (Vildvuxet), she shares her knowledge on nature's edibles, and spreads inspiration on how to create wholesome and delicious meals from foraged food.

Reminiscence: Teaching history's difficult lessons

The Reminiscence podcast (Hågkomstpodden) offers a conversation with Christer Mattson of the Segerstedt Institute on how, as a teacher, to prepare yourself and your students for an educational visit to Holocaust memorial sites.

Pedagogy is part of our DNA. We understand the psychology of learning and have a career's worth of experience with students of all ages to back it up. We are your partner to make learning a more engaging, rewarding and effective experience.
Sarah's Journey: There are 31 million refugee children worldwide. Sarah represents them all.

Sarah's Journey (Sarahs resa)  is a 10-minute animated short film based on the book of the same name by Imad Elabdala. Along her journey, Sarah must deal with the grief and displacement that come with war, and the challenges involved in starting a new life elsewhere as a refugee.

The film, commissioned by Teskedsorden, is part of an education program distributed throughout Sweden for schools and parents to help develop empathy and inclusion in children.

To Live With Psychosis:
Education delivered with mental health care

This was part of bundle of nine educational films for patients with psychosis, as part of a program of care overseen by Sweden's municipalities and regions authority (SKR).

To Live With ADHD:
Education delivered with mental health care

This film is part of an online education program for adults with ADHD, offering support and treatment through Sweden's healthcare portal, 1177 Vårdguiden. It was commissioned by Stockholm's Regional Council (Stockholms Läns Landsting)

Rapid change requires new ways of working:
Internal film for the Nordic's largest IT company

Atea is the leading Nordic and Baltic supplier of IT infrastructure with approximately 6 800 employees in 89 cities.

This corporate film was commissioned for Atea's internal education and communications.

workshops + CONSULTING
Do you have an initiative, special project or event that needs to be developed into a clear concept and action plan? Or maybe a shift in your workplace culture that you want to understand better? We can guide you, as a team, as you lean into these challenges. Either through active and engaging in-person workshops, online sessions, or as a development partner.
Digital@Idag: A nine-hour live event about the possibilities and challenges of digitalisation

We participated in the content, planning and as on-stage host of Digital@Idag's full-day digital broadcast, live from a stage at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. The broadcast event included 215 participants and 285 activities in 110 locations around Sweden; from Kiruna in the north to Trelleborg in the south.

Plan International:
Engaging young people to help 100 million girls

When Plan International was preparing to launch their initiative to transform the lives of 100 million girls around the world, they came to us. Together with their team, we developed a strategy for reaching young people in Sweden, to inspire them to engage in the issues facing girls worldwide.

National Museum of Science and Technology:
Lessons in storytelling

Museums are like libraries, full of stories and inspiration. That's why Sweden's National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska museet) asked us to come in and work with their team. Through creative, participatory workshops in storytelling, we trained museum staff to start thinking about all objects in the museum in terms of the stories they carry with them.



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