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A youth democracy research and education program
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Junior World Now provides a way to learn and share, peer-to-peer, how young people around the world feel in relation to current values and events, including on issues such as gender equality, climate change, Black Lives Matter, etc, within hours.


Junior World Now's mission is to open minds, cultivate empathy and promote democratic values amongst teenagers, by connecting them face-to-face with their peers around the world through a safe online platform delivered in schools.

On this platform, we are building a network of teen correspondents who represent the global, cultural, racial, gender and religious diversity of the world, including those in vulnerable situations like displacement and extreme poverty.


By recording frequent selfie-style short videos on mobile phones, they reveal their world and give perspectives on topics ranging from gender equality, LGBTQ+ and racial issues to home life and local customs.

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teens speaking to teens

This is my family.

These are my two moms, and this is my dog, Jake.

- Gavin, USA


A project by
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in partnership with
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The Purpose Studio

The Purpose Studio is made up of a multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-talented band of media creators. Their purpose is to reach people through engaging media crafted to change attitudes around important social issues.

The team are certified teachers and lifelong learners who enjoy taking on edgy, complicated issues and asking tough questions.

Their backgrounds range from some of the world's leading media brands (National Geographic) to the farthest reaches of the earth (Fiji).

Purpose in Action

Purpose in Action is an NGO established to support democratic values, promote diversity, and build bridges between different groups in society, through the creation of targeted and impactful media.

The organisation is led by Tiffany Orvet, Charlotte Sifvert and Jenny Reichwald, who together have many years experience producing factual and educational media at UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company), SVT (Swedish Television), Nat Geo and other international channels.

The Purpose Studio and Purpose in Action are based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Råsundavägen 64, 169 57 Solna, Sweden

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